Content that Educates is Highly Attractive

What is educational content?

We live in a time in which information is readily available at our fingertips. Whether it be through social media or websites, we now have access to whatever we want, whenever we want it.

Unfortunately, this also means that we’re so overwhelmed with information that we know less than ever before. Most of us would never dream of going back to school. We don’t have the time or the inclination.

But that doesn’t mean that we want to stop learning new things. What better way to educate ourselves than through the internet? The internet has become the most powerful tool for educating individuals across the globe, and educational content is becoming essential for business and a thriving society.

Educational content is any type of content that brings value to audiences by teaching them something new. It’s content that not only educates and informs but which can also engage, entertain, and inspire.

As an increasing number of people look to improve their knowledge, they’re seeking out educational content in various forms – webcams, podcasts, blogs, and other platforms. This has created an exciting opportunity as well as challenge for business owners like you.

Whether you’re a business owner, engineer, marketing professional, member of a human resources department or a creative, you need to deliver information that’s up-to-date and in-depth.

You need to keep visitors to your website informed and engaged.

You also need to provide information to potential investors and knowledge to your teams.

You Need Educational Content

WISE ON WORDS is expert in taking your message and turning it into content that really speaks to your audience.

When content creators set out to create content, they don’t have to limit themselves to just one goal. WISE ON WORDS knows that some of the best content is produced for the purpose of achieving more than one goal.

An eLearning module, for example, can be informative, entertaining, educational, and engaging all at once.

A webpage biography of a company’s founder can teach and inspire while it also tells a great story about overcoming life’s adversities and challenges.

Educational content can certainly be entertaining, informational, inspiring, and engaging.

Content that educates is not limited to manuals and textbooks; it can include:

  • video tutorials
  • how-to guides
  • white papers
  • blog posts
  • press releases
  • recipes
  • interactive quizzes
  • interactive timelines
  • image galleries
  • biographical video profiles
  • YouTube-style product reviews
  • Podcasts
  • courses taught through Twitter
  • or step-by-step videos.

Wise on Words Content Writing, Storytelling
Wise on Words Content Writing, Storytelling

With WISE ON WORDS, your educational content has unlimited potential

Blog Posts

Blog posts are regularly-updated web pages on your website that can be used to various topics related to your business and the products or services you deliver. Blog posts can allow you to rank on search engines for a variety of keywords. 

Social Media Copy

Social media copy is the written content that you see on social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s a a great way to share your business news and to stay connected with your customers.

eBook Writing

Ebook writing is the creation of an ebook, which is short for “electronic book.” An ebook is a digital form of a printed book designed to be read on devices like computers, tablets, or smartphones. Ebooks can be valuable marketing assets you can use as they contain multiple digital “pages” that deliver information to readers.

Business Profiles

A business profile is an introduction that provides vital information about your company to readers. People who find you online want to know about your company’s mission, vision, and, of course, how you can help them solve their problems. You can answer all these questions on your profile.

Technical manuals

Technical manuals are typically “how-to guides” aimed at helping users to understand the technical aspects of a product. You can use different types of technical manuals to explain your company’s policies, how to do certain things, or how to set up and maintain certain products.

Video Tutorial Scripts

A video tutorial script contains the dialogue, plans, and action for a video you are using to teach people how to do things. The script is a vital tool that gives you and your creative team cues and reminders the goal, timeline, and results you want for your video. Videos can be very powerful marketing and teaching tools.

Scripts for YouTube Product Reviews

A product review typically involves an expert giving an opinion about a product or comparing various similar products.YouTube is a very effective medium for these sorts of reviews and for your eCommerce product explainers, marketing, branding, and sales.

Podcast Scripts

A podcast is a series of spoken word, audio episodes, which focuses on a particular topic or theme, like business or hobbies. Podcasts are a great way to grow your business because they allow you to build trust with your customers by sharing your expertise and knowledge.

Much like the script of a tutorial video, a podcast script contains the dialogue, plans, and action for your podcast. Writing a podcast script is a key way to ensure that your audio is clear, tight, and valuable for your listeners. You don’t have to write out every word you intend to say, but it’s important to have notes for each episode so you keep on track.

eLearning Courses and Modules

An eLearning or electronic learning course, is a learning or training course that is delivered through electronic devices such as computers, tablets, and even phones that are connected to the internet. An eLearning module is a unit of study that can be delivered individually or in conjunction with other modules to form a course. Elearning can be a powerful method of delivery for your educational content as it is self-paced and it can contain engaging written content, audio, video, and other visual elements.

eLearning Content Development

The development of eLearning content is a process of creating content in a digital form that lives in a digital space that your learners can access through digital means. But crucially important that you select an educational content writer such as WISE ON WORDS, which has the educational experience and the knack for creativity to help you create engaging, well-written, and easy-to-understand content.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is a term that covers all the written documentation of complex technical processes. It can include reports, executive summary statements, and briefs. Many businesses don’t realise that the format for technical doesn’t have be restricted to lengthy user manuals. Technical information can be distilled and presented unambiguously. WISE ON WORDS can provide this in the form of technical reports, emails, policy, briefs, and press releases.

Website Copy

Website Copy is the content that appears on pages of your website such as a homepage, landing page, about page, or FAQ. Copy on your website should explain your brand, sell your product or service and lead readers throughout your site. From a marketing standpoint, good website copy is content writing that has been optimized for search engines.

Website Content Writing

Website Content Writing is a broad term for any type of writing that appears on your website. There several types of content writing that can generally be found on a website:

  • Blogs: See #1 above. Blog posts are usually fairly short – around 750 words – and are designed to inform, entertain, and delight your readers.

  • Case Studies: You can use case studies to illustrate your value proposition by writing about how your product or service helped a customer or client. Case studies are specific to a brand and should provide in-depth details or data around results.

  • Checklists: Checklists are fantastic pieces of lead generation content, content aimed at attracting potential new clients. Your checklist templates should offer concise, actionable steps for your readers. If the content in your checklist is downloadable, you should also ensure your branding is present on the piece.

  • Ebooks: See #3 above. Ebooks are another type of lead generation content and are usually packaged in PDF format. Ebooks are your opportunity to provide thought leadership on a given topic.

  • Website Copy: See #13 above.

  • White Papers: These are shorter than ebooks and provide content focused on one specific topic or problem and offer solutions or data to solve the issue. White papers are another excellent tactic to generate leads.

The world needs more educational content.

Humans thirst for knowledge. It’s a trait that will never go away.

Today’s policymakers are asked to understand concepts like artificial intelligence, quantum computing or MRNA vaccines. The technologies may change, but the need for educational content through accessible stories has not.

People may not like problems, but they certainly enjoy finding the right tools to solve problems.

And they’ll definitely remember the places where they found solutions to their problems or answers to their questions. Sources of educational content tend to be highly appreciated and remembered because of the value they provide.

And this is good news for you because educational content can be a powerful method to convey your innovative vision.

And an excellent tactic to attract and retain customers.

Content that educates will never go out of style.

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