Your Target Audience is Listening

Want to make your audience’s ears perk up? Want to get their attention? And keep it? 

Need to impress and instill confidence in your customers that you are a professional business? 

You need a voiceover artist.

What are Voiceovers and what is a Voiceover Artist? 

Voiceovers are narrations that viewers or listeners hear without seeing the person speaking. A voiceover artist is the trained professional who delivers these narrations. Voiceovers are an easy and highly effective way to direct people to your product or service. Chances are you may not have thought about this. But voiceovers could be your secret weapon to help you engage with your target audience, build your brand authority, unify your team, and grow a following of loyal customers. 

The right voiceover artist can help increase the chances of your message resonating with your audience.

That’s where Dennis LM Lewis – Voiceover comes in.  

Dennis is a professional voiceover artist, who specialises in giving your words, ideas and brand a compelling voice. He provides educational, corporate and narration voiceover services for clients in Canada, the US and all over the world. 

Why Use Dennis’s Services?

Because Dennis is also a skilled content writer and educational communicator, with years of experience writing for business, education, and for broadcast media, he speaks your language. He knows how to tell your story. And make an impact. 

He can help you and your business make a first impression that lasts!  
Because Dennis has written for the CBC National Radio News and for a variety of companies and subject matter experts in the private sector, he has a good understanding of what sounds good and what makes a story come alive.
Dennis is an educator. As a university lecturer for over 20 years in Canada and in various international settings, he has engaged, informed, entertained and told stories to diverse audiences from all over the world. He has written and developed courses, curricula, training programs and learning strategies for universities, colleges, hospitals, and even on one occasion for the Special Military Forces in Thailand. So, he knows what it takes to create that special magic that you do. He has an expert’s understanding of the importance of creating educational and corporate content that’s engaging and fun.  
Dennis is a lifelong learner, with a PhD in Creative Writing and English, and an MA in English.  
To make sure that he has the professional skills to deliver the very best reads for your projects, Dennis has trained with highly respected trainers and voice coaches. And he continues to hone his voiceover skills at some of the best workshops with some of the best coaches in the business: 

  • Marc Cashman
  • Larry Hudson 
  • Kim Hurdon Casting 
  • Nicky Guadagni 
  • Darryl Hogan 
  • Graeme Spicer 
  • Bev Standing 
  • Jean-Paul Orr 
  • Gravy for the Brain 

Whether you are a business, multimedia creator, filmmaker, podcaster, web designer, instructional designer, content developer, corporate training professional, Dennis’s professional voiceover services can deliver a powerful ROI for you and your audience.  
Let Dennis’s voice work the magic! Think of him as your storyteller and voiceover partner.  

Dennis is passionate about providing high quality voiceover recordings. He brings a wealth of experience to each audio recording he creates and his versatility and attention to detail will bring your script alive.

How Exactly Can Dennis LM Lewis – Voiceover Help You? 

How voiceover can help you build your brand authority and grow a following of loyal customers

As a professionally trained British voiceover artist based in Canada, Dennis can work on a variety of different narrative and voiceover recording projects around the world. These include: 

  • TV and video documentaries
  • Educational e-learning and training programmes and videos
  • Custom animated explainer videos
  • Voice recording for on-hold messages and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems
  • Corporate videos
  • TV commercials
  • Audio tours
  • Language listening comprehension material
  • Audio books
  • White board animation
  • Voiceover copy writing
  • Proof reading of scripts translated from other languages

Dennis is an excellent communicator who delivers exceptional service with each audio recording produced. His home studio consists of a professional-grade vocal booth and a CAD Audio E300S Large Diaphragm microphone to ensure consistently high quality recordings every time. 

Voiceover Artist Dennis Lewis
Voiceover Artist Dennis Lewis

Have a Listen to Dennis’s Demos:

Further details about the services Dennis provides can be found at

You can also connect Dennis by phone at: +1-647-915-1780 or by email me via the contact form.



It is an absolute pleasure to work with him!

“Dennis is a conscientious, highly-skilled content writer. He is detail-oriented and has a firm grasp of technical terms. Dennis has a great ability to write both technical and non-technical content which is easily understood…  
Through his writing, he is able to explain complex information in a clear and concise manner. 
It is an absolute pleasure to work with him as he ensures the writing process is a learning experience for all parties involved.”  
Zoheb Ali
Manager, Learning and Development at ApplyBoard

Honest, and accountable professional

“Dennis is an exceptional writer with an amazing ability to research and develop content that is accurate and engaging, even when he has no prior knowledge of the subject.  
As the Content Writer for ApplyBoard’s Learning & Development team, Dennis expertly filled the role, completing multiple effective writing projects during his tenure. 

I have found Dennis to be a smart, honest, and accountable professional who I feel secure in recommending to others in need of writing services.” 
Michelle Potvin
Learning and Enablement Manager at ApplyBoard