Educational Content – What It Is and How to Unlock Its Potential

Educational content teaches customers like these two women things that are practically valuable, and it helps them become more aware of business brands as it helps customers feel meaningfully connected with business brands.

It always surprises me when business owners or marketing professionals seem puzzled at the mention of educational content. Even more surprising is the fact that many business owners, marketeers, creatives and other entrepreneurial professionals seem unaware of how much value they could get out of educational content. There’s no doubt that when it comes to…

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The Power of Storytelling: How to Harness it for Business Success

Book opened with lights illuminating the inside

There’s nothing that has the power to captivate us like a well-told tale. In this blog post, discover the seven secrets of great storytelling. All of us like hearing good stories. I still have vivid memories of my favourite primary school teacher and the stories she’d read to me and my classmates. Chances are you…

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How to Protect Yourself from Copyright Trolls

road sign warning of troll hazard and thus matching topic of the article which advises readers how to protect themselves against copyright trolls

My Encounter with Online Bottom Feeders PicRights International It all started one Monday morning when I saw an email in my inbox with the ominous subject heading “Image License Inquiry for The Associated Press – Reference Number: 5971-8596-6720.” It appeared deadly serious and official. For the past two months, I had been working in tandem…

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I did not like to do business networking. Maybe it’s the same for you. Perhaps, like me, you’d much rather be doing other things than walking into a room filled with people you don’t know. But whether we like it or not, we need to make other people aware of our businesses. We need to…

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