President-Elect Victory Speech

people waited and believed this time; their voices.

answer. we have never been individuals. we are,

and always will be, the answer that—that. tonight

we can put out our hands and bend them forwards.

once more. it’s been a long time, but tonight, we

all look forward. promise in the months ahead. want

this journey. campaigned and spoke. the streets train

home, and earned the new that’s coming. that debt

beyond. not hatched. draws strength. braves bitter doors,

stretches schools and churches. it grows up. rejected.

This victory. didn’t win. didn’t start. didn’t. But above all,

will never truly belong. belong. never for this. because

understand the enormity. even we know the challenges

that. we stand, the mountains risk, waking up in deserts.

– from A MORE PERFECT UNION: A SERIAL POEM (forthcoming)

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