Democratic National Convention 

My great friend. We meet once more. Tonight,

more homes are watching our homes plummet.

More cars drive, more credit cards play politics.

Some women in Ohio find themselves disaster. A man

in Indiana explains how he feels; families sit on

their hands while major cities drown. Tonight,

friends, you’re here. On November 4th, you’ll talk.

Autoworkers show up everyday and try to work;

families watch their people go off; families pay

for college; students go back to sleep for hours;

I think about my mom who died before I knew her,

I listen to a worker. I hear a working woman talk,

I think about my aunt, her mother and grandmother.

I think—I…I have a better life. This has been mine.

I don’t know what father thinks. Or whose story wins.

– from A MORE PERFECT UNION: A SERIAL POEM (forthcoming)

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