Berlin. extraordinary tonight. The journey. At the height

decided, like so many others, the forgotten world— the dream—

required promised. letter after letter. Yearning. somebody,

somewhere answered. I touched down at Tempelhof.

And that’s when—that’s when I knew this city. One fall day,

hundreds of thousands to the Tiergarten. Look at a wall.

Look at a wall where the bullet holes. That wall—the wall.

The fall by the distance of an ocean. Prison camps and doors

open. Karl Marx Strasse. Markets. And secrets from a scientist.

Poppies in Afghanistan come to Berlin. Syria and China breed

tomorrow. Allow new walls. The walls. Races tribes and creeds;

We know—We know these walls. Never easy. Dry up the well.

Airlift planes appear in sky above the 21st century. The city—

those pilots and all the world will know the story. of Berlin—

– from A MORE PERFECT UNION: A SERIAL POEM (forthcoming)