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1.2 agendaIn this module you will learn:
● Who the ApplyBoard founders are
● Why the founders launched ApplyBoard
● How ApplyBoard has developed as a company
● The company’s vision and core values
● Who our customers are
● Who we work with
● Who works at ApplyBoard
● Where we work

At the end of the course, you’ll test your knowledge with a game.
1.3 Martin1.3a Ever since he was a child, Martin Basiri believed his path to success was through education. He was born and raised in Iran, and he dreamed of studying abroad. But when the time came, and he began to do his research to study abroad, he found out how difficult the process was.

1.3 b He faced all the challenges of an international student coming to Canada. From finding the right program to choosing the right school, Martin was very confused. He didn’t understand the language or the application process.

1.3 c But he persisted and overcame those hurdles. In 2010, he set out on his journey to Canada as an international student to do his Master’s in Mechatronics Engineering at the University of Waterloo. From the time Martin had applied to his dream school to the time he was enrolled in classes – it took him roughly one year.

1.3 d He had to do all his own research with almost no guidance or support. And he had to send in physical copies of all his academic documents by mail.

1.3 e Martin spotted an opportunity in these challenges: there wasn’t a single source of reliable information about studying abroad. And the information was spread out and hard to find.
1.4 pre
Seizing on the opportunity, Martin teamed up with his two brothers – Meti and Massi – and launched ApplyBoard in 2015. The rest, as they say, is history!
1.5 Timeline1.5a In April of 2015, Martin launched ApplyBoard with his brothers Meti and Massi. In July of 2015 ApplyBoard moves into the Velocity Garage tech startup hub and grows to a staff of ten.

1.5b The small team of dedicated staff worked hard and ApplyBoard kept growing! By June 2016 ApplyBoard moved into our first office on Duke St.

1.5 c In May 2018, we raised $13M in Series A funding.

1.5 d In January 2019, ApplyBoard moved into the Frederick Street offices – our current home and global Headquarters.

1.5 e In May 2019, we announced $55M in our series B, and in November that same year Deloitte named us Canada’s fastest-growing tech company.

1.5 f In February of 2020, we opened our office in India.

1.5 g In 2020, we raised $100M in Series C, and achieved Unicorn status. We also received a $70M Series C extension and partnered with ETS – TOEFL and GRE test creators.

As of August, ApplyBoard employs more than 580 people across the globe and is continuing to grow.
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1.8 Mission
and Vision

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1.8 a Martin wanted to help other students achieve their dreams by helping them choose the right program, the best schools, and by streamlining the application process.
He founded our company with a specific mission and a powerful vision.

1.8 b We believe that education is a right for all human beings, not a privilege. We empower people around the world to access the best education.

1.8 c To be the WORLD LEADER in promoting study abroad!

1.8 d It’s our vision to be the world leader in providing the technological solution in the study abroad industry.
We want to provide the best and most accurate services to our students, Recruitment Partners, and Partner Schools so we can continue to be the platform of choice for accessing global education.
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1.11 Intro to
Now let’s hear from our CEO about what the Core Values really mean and how we can be guided by them every day.
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What we do
1.14 a ApplyBoard empowers people around the world to easily access the best education.

1.14 b By assisting more than 120,000 students from over 110 different countries with their journey to study in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia.

1.14 c From the very beginning, Martin realized that, by guiding people through the application process, he was helping with more than just their education.
ApplyBoard was helping people change their lives.
And here at ApplyBoard, we recognize that all the work of each team member, no matter what team you’re a part of, has a huge impact on a student’s life!
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1.16 a Our Platform simplifies how students search for and apply for educational opportunities abroad and supports each student along the way.
How do we measure success at ApplyBoard? Click the tabs to find out!

1.16 b Our success is measured by the thousands of students’ lives that we have changed for the better.

1.16 c We’re also supporting economic growth in the countries our students choose as their study destinations. Studies show that for every two and a half International Students…one job is created in Canada!

1.16 d In Australia the international education sector is valued at $40 billion and supports 250,000 jobs.

1.16 e In the UK which is the world’s most popular destination for overseas students, meanwhile, a recent report shows that a single cohort of international students will contribute £3.2 billion to the UK economy over 10 years through income tax and National Insurance payments.

1.16 f In the US throughout the 2018/2019 school year, international students contributed $41 billion to the US economy, rivaling the earnings of some of America’s biggest exports.
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1.17 ApplyBoard has partnered with thousands of Partner Schools. We have helped them shape their programs and campus communities with more diversity.

Click on the tabs to learn more!

1.17 b ApplyBoard also has more than 4,000 recruitment partners around the world in countries across South Asia, South East Asia, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

1.17 c We work with these Recruitment Partners to give international students the best experience applying to study abroad as possible.

1.17 d Through the exclusive partnerships we have with some of our partner schools, we’ve helped students secure over $22M in scholarships.

1.17 e For every student we send to one of our exclusive partner schools, those schools offer each of those students a scholarship through ApplyBoard.

1.17 f We offer an exclusive $10,000 bursary for students through Yorkville University.
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1.19 a 56% of ApplyBoard employees are female, 43% are male, and just under 1% are gender variant.
And here at ApplyBoard, we are as international as the customers we serve. 40% of our employees identify as immigrants. 15% of ApplyBoard’s staff are 2nd generation immigrants.

1.19 b 65% of our staff speak another language in addition to English.
And, as you might expect from a company whose business is an international education, 35% of our employees have studied abroad.

1.19 c ApplyBoard strongly advocates for the importance of innovation in the education sector through its conversations with all levels of government and policymakers.

1.19 d We’ve brought on advisors and industry experts to help shape the future of ApplyBoard.
1.20 Closing1.20a A lot has changed since Martin, Meti, and Massi started ApplyBoard in 2015

Our company has overcome big challenges and gone from strength to strength.

1.20 b Review
In this course, you’ve learned
1. Who ApplyBoard’s founders are
2. Why the founders launched ApplyBoard
3. How ApplyBoard has developed as a company

1.20c You know the Company’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values.
And you know:

● Who our customers are
● Who we work with
● Who works at ApplyBoard
● Where we work

1.20d Now that you’re an expert, it’s time to test your skills with a little game of ApplyCards!