ApplyBoard Diversity and Inclusion Script

Video Script

Diversity and Inclusion

Most people are familiar with the idea of diversity. Here at ApplyBoard, all of us
understand that diversity involves different perspectives, views, experiences, and
competencies. And that working in a diverse business environment can help foster more innovation, creativity and productivity. It’s a good thing. We get it.

But inclusion is a bit harder to pin down. People often put diversity and inclusion
together. But they’re really two different things. Diversity is a mix of different identities, cultures, and experiences. Something that we experience everyday in every big Canadian city or here at ApplyBoard.

Inclusion is an action. It’s about being intentional. It’s really about building the kind of
culture and environment, and especially in a workplace like ApplyBoard, where people
of every background can come and thrive and contribute and be seen.

There are three different things that help to make sure people feel included. One is,
they’re expected to be there, and they’re expected to be good. Two is that they are
reflected in a company’s policies and practices. Sometimes those are formal. Sometimes they are informal. And the third thing is that people feel respected, like they belong, and like they are engaged in the most exciting parts of their work environment. And that they’re not left out.

So, on one level, you could say that a company’s diversity policy is about counting. It’s like a company is saying, Yes, we have some people like of those, we’ve got some of those, we’ve got several of those.

But inclusion is about something deeper. It’s about cultivating those differences and
nurturing the unique diverse culture we have here at ApplyBoard.