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Boring Content is Hurting Your Business

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Making Potential Investors Lose Interest.
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You Need Content That Shines. And No Content Shines Brighter Than Educational Content.

The Best Content Educates.

As a business owner, engineer, marketing professional, member of a human resources department or a creative, you know this better than anyone:

You need to deliver up-to-date, in-depth information to keep visitors to your website informed and engaged. You also need to provide educational content to potential investors, and training content to your teams.

But getting the right creation and delivery of that content is not so easy.

Too often, educational content is created to stand on its own, resulting in dry, boring content, such as overly technical manuals and rigid step-by-step guides.

And these days, many people seem to think that website content is just about getting as many views as possible.

The problem with this approach is that it’s all too easy to lose sight of what content writing is supposed to accomplish, which is to:

  • inform
  • entertain
  • inspire
  • educate and
  • engage

This is Where I can Help.

With a track record of excellence in educational content creation and decades of experience in higher education, I help businesses, engineers, creators and content production teams deliver the right educational content writing that makes a lasting impression.

I know what works and what doesn’t. With intensive experience in broadcast news writing and podcast scriptwriting, I know how to tell your story.

With a PhD in Creative Writing and a thorough grounding in the humanities, I can help you connect…with customers, with your work teams, and the people you need your ideas to reach.

Educational Content is Powerful.

People are constantly in search of explanations and solutions. This is where educational content shines. Educational content is powerful because it helps.

For engineers or creatives, it helps you tell your story. Every technological advancement can benefit from a good story.

Obstacles that were overcome, “Eureka!” moments and visions of how society will benefit are all details that go into educational content and help create a compelling narrative.

But the engineers, scientists, technologists or creatives unlocking those advancements aren’t always best equipped to tell that story.

That’s why every brilliant innovator needs an equally brilliant storyteller. Luckily, my skills as a learning content creator and writer excel in this area. 

For businesses, educational content can help your customers, it can help the people important to your success. It can help you and your business.

The success of educational websites like WikiHow, which provides people with helpful online guides, and Axios, with its reports of news along with thoughtful explanations, is proof of the power of content that educates.

I’m a learning content creator who understands the power of storytelling.

Educational Content Helps you Connect with Customers.

Companies that know about the problems their customers have should consider creating content that provides solutions. 

Because providing the right educational content makes a lasting impression on consumers.

For businesses, educational content through storytelling is the backbone of a high-performing communications strategy. It tells your customers who you are, why you exist and why you matter. It builds interest among those looking to buy from you and deepens loyalty among those who have already become your customers. 

For engineers, scientists, technologists or creatives, educational content through storytelling helps to promote a new technological breakthrough, explaining how it was achieved, why it’s important and who will benefit.

With educational content, you offer something that provides value without necessarily asking for patronage. It’s an indirect appeal method that can go a long way in terms of connecting with customers.

Brands that don’t offer any educational content when they should are effectively risking their reputation and customers.

Entrusting the writing of your educational content to an experienced content writer, will make your complex concepts easily understood.

I will ensure that your audience is properly understood and that your message will resonate.

You Can Use Educational Content in-House.

Digital educational content is an increasingly popular tool for supporting learners of all ages.

New employee orientation sessions have mostly moved online.
If you work in human resources departments, you have the opportunity to develop your own digital content for training sessions, particularly when you deal with employees working at remote locations.

And if you’re a corporate team, you can make good use of educational content to help explain certain business processes.

Reliably developed learning content speeds up the learning process and makes it much more enjoyable and effective.

But there are challenges to creating in-house educational content: 

  • the need to assemble an entire team of specialists
  • knowing how to write educational content that will be of high substantive value to the recipients

By entrusting the writing of your educational content to an experienced content writer, you can be sure of the right content and delivery. 

Whether you need educational content writing to connect with customers, with your work teams, with government agencies, or with potential backers, I’m here to help.

Dennis Lewis Educational Content Writer
Dennis Lewis Educational Content Writer

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