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“Dennis is a conscientious, highly skilled content writer. He is detail-oriented and has a firm grasp of technical terms. Dennis has a great ability to write both technical and non-technical content which is easily understood…”
— Zoheb Ali, Manager, Learning and Development at ApplyBoard


You Need Content That Shines. And No Content Shines Brighter Than Educational Content.

Educational Content is Powerful.

People are constantly in search of explanations and solutions. And this is where educational content is so valuable. Educational content is powerful because it helps.

For educational content creators, edtech founders, authors, businesses, engineers and creators, Educational Emails help you tell your story and build your credibility.

Every new idea and technological advancement can benefit from a good story.

Valuable insights and tips about how to overcome obstacles, revelations of “Eureka!” moments and visions of how society will benefit.

These are the kinds of details that can go into your Educational Email content and help create a compelling narrative.

Dennis Lewis writing notes in a journal

Dennis is a ghostwriter and voiceover artist based in Ontario, Canada.

Dennis Lewis in Salmon Shirt smiling

If you:

  • need to deliver lead-in educational information to attract visitors to your website…
  • want content that establishes your authority and helps you connect with customers…
  • need to show that you know about the problems your customers have…
  • or you want to create content that provides solutions...

Dennis can help.

With a PhD in Creative Writing from the University of Essex in England, an M.A. in English from the University of Toronto, and more than 15 years of university teaching and content creation experience, Dennis can help you connect with customers and the people you need your ideas to reach.